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Uncle Ducky Outdoors, LLC. U.P Michigan Wilderness & Historical Hiking Tours

Spend a day or two hiking this mighty land between the lakes where the wilderness, geological formations, and historical data of a by-gone era of native peoples, explorers, and settlers all come together to make your experience a memorable combination of exercise, knowledge, relaxation, and appreciation of nature.

Bring your family and friends and just take pictures, listen, and reflect to a time of a much slower era with no phones, radios, video games, texting, and fast pace of the world we live in today. Make this a bonding experience to bring families and friends together to experience the solitude and granular of nature in Michigan’s Beautiful Upper Peninsula. This is the land of over 500 Moose, and Black Bear, Wolves, White Tailed Deer, Beaver, Porcupines, Loons, and Bald Eagles. Hopefully, you get to see some of them.

Concentrating on hiking tours in the Central Upper Peninsula Uncle Ducky Outdoors will provide you with a knowledgeable and friendly guide to make your day in the woods a highlight of your vacation and an even greater appreciation of this land, its history, and awe-inspiring wonders.

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